Terrific Tuesday

The students had such a fantastic morning. They earned 4 puzzle pieces before lunch time! I am off to warmer places and will see the students again on Tuesday when they get back to school. Reminder that the students do not have school this Thursday, Friday, or Monday. Thank you to the moms who are setting up the Valentine party. I’m sure the students will have a blast!


During math, students worked on making groups of ten. They also figured out how many were left over and the total number they had.


During math stations, students worked on tallying, graphing, and talking about the number of candy hearts they had in their bag.


We did some Valentine themed stations today. In this station, the students got to make a crown.


In this station, the students created an animal made of hearts.


The students also worked on a writing piece all about the things they love. We started from the brainstorming and went all the way through the writing process to the final copy.


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