Student of the Day- Cade

I am going to start having a featured student on my blog. I found a fun interview that I’m going to do with my students. I will put a picture of them on here along with the answers to their questions.


Cade Walker

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Kansas City to watch the Royals.

Are you going to get married? Yes

Who will you marry? I don’t know

How many kids are you going to have? 2 because my mom had 2

What will your kids names be? Drew and James

Who are your friends? Caden, Kale, Tyler, and Big Drew

What do you like to do together? Caden, Kale, and I like to play xbox. Tyler, Drew and I like to play the football arcade games downstairs.

What food do you like the best? Barbecue Pork Riblet

What will your job be when you grow up? Basketball player for the Warriors

What do they do? They go in the gym because they have a key and they shoot around

What do you like best about school?  Math because I get to do Fast Math

What do you love to do with your mom? Go grocery shopping because I might get candy

What do you love to do with your dad? Go to Millard South Basketball games because Kobe and Brevin are there.

What is your favorite color? Green

What do you love most about yourself? I’m good at basketball


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