Terrific Tuesday


During math stations, students played a game called Snowman Time Spin. They were racing to see who could fill up their recording sheet first. Half past the hour stumped a couple of them. Have your child show you two different times 4:30 and 6:30 and see if they can get it right.


During literacy stations I taught the students an app that the teachers learned at our MLK training day. The app is called ChatterpixKid. This app allows the students to make any object talk. I had them practice with something in their bin. Tomorrow they are going to take a picture of a caterpillar and talk about the life cycle of the caterpillar.


We finished talking about the different types of clouds today in science. Great job to Mason and Graham for going home and talking to their parents about the types of clouds. They were able to remember Stratus and Cumulonimbus (tough word!) Then the students used cotton balls to make the different types of clouds. Have them tell you what clouds are made of.


Letters went home today explaining the Valentines Boxes/bags. Oops I did it again, forgot the bag. I will send those home tomorrow.


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