100th Day


Mrs. Whisler and I as 100 year old woman.


The students went to the artist in residence yesterday morning for the second time. They got their piece that they made the last time. Carrie, our artist, made it possible for the students to make the glass into a neclace. After the students inspected their piece of art, they made another one that will be put in the mural.


The students made 100th day hats.


Students gave three clues about what was in their bag and then the other students got to make guesses.


Students learned how to tell time to the half hour.


Our stations were full of 100th day activities. They made a 100 cup structure, painted ten groups of ten dots, made a 100th day book, and took 100 silly pictures of their classmates.


We ended the day with a 100th day art and then made a snack mix of ten different snacks.


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