It’s Getting Hot Out There!

My husband jokingly texted me today and said, “Want to go to the pool later? It’s so hot!” Hope you all were able to enjoy the warmer weather out there the last couple of days.

***** Announcement for library books: Just a reminder that we go to library every Thursday. I would like these library books back by Monday every week so that the students can read them during stations and silent reading time. Some of the students told Mrs. Kozak that they aren’t sure where their books are. Please help them look for their books. I have 9 total students from my class that didn’t return their books today. They were not allowed to check out today. Thank You!


We started a new chapter in math today. The students will be learning about time. To help the students feel how long one minute is I had them first close their eyes for one minute. Then they did jumping jacks for one minute. After the jumping jacks we talked about activities that would take one minute and one hour.


During small groups the students did different activities for a minute. They wrote their name, wrote the alphabet, wrote their numbers, and tallies.


Our skill this week is theme. The theme of the story is the big idea, or the lesson the main character learns in a story. Tuesday we talked about the theme of our weekly story, Jan’s New Home. Today, I read the story, Enemy Pie. The students talked about the theme of it.


During reading groups, we talked about the or/ore sound. Students practiced putting the -or in the middle of the word and the -ore at the end.


Our second phonics skill is the one that students saw in their spelling words this week. To make most nouns plural you simply add an -s to the singular noun. For certain nouns you need to add an -es. I want students to practice spelling the singular form of the word first and then making it plural.


These are a few of the finished art projects from yesterday.



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