Too Cold Tuesday

Anyone else dreaming of warmer places right now?


For our math journal today we worked on 2D shape characteristics. Parallelogram gave some kids some trouble. We clapped out the syllables to see if we could say it better. Ask your kids if they remember how to say it. It’s a tricky one!


Our skill for whole group math was dividing items equally into groups. I gave students some cubes and told them how many groups to divide them into.



The students learned the next type of poem today, Acrostic. I first went over what an acrostic poem looks like. The students then worked on the 1st and 2nd step of the writing process. They are doing awesome so far!


One activity we did in reading small groups was work on digraphs. The students wrote words that had digraphs in them.


I  got a little too excited about r-controlled words yesterday and made a Monday goof. I taught the kids the -ar sound when I meant to do -or and -ore. -ar will come later. The students figured out that the -or sound comes in the middle of words and the -ore sound comes at the end of words. They worked as partners to write some -or and -ore words.


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