Monday, Monday


I had to laugh about the activity some of the students chose to do during inside recess today. They started this last week during Friday Free Time and it has been the talk of the class every since. Our story was about a duck last week so they decided to have a duck wedding. They made duck cutouts, a flower basket, and other props. They even lined up the chairs for the audience. I love seeing their minds working. They were many grunts when it was time to clean up for lunch. So funny!


For whole group math, the students divided squares into either 2, 3, or 4 equal parts. I then told them to color a certain amount of parts and write the fraction. We worked on non-unit fractions such as 2/3 and 3/4.


During reading small group, students worked on reading a story at their level. Then as a group we worked on summarizing what we read.


We continued to work on Subject/Verb agreement. I wrote sentences on the poster and the students wrote the correct verb on their dry erase board.


One of our phonics skills this week is the -ar sound. There are many r-controlled sounds, but we are only working on -ar this week. We are calling this the Bossy R because it likes to control the sound. However, it is polite and let’s the vowel go first. We will continue to add the other r-controlled words as we learn them.


This is our literacy wall. Every week I put up the skills that we will be working on. Check out what the students will be learning this week.


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