Recap of Last Week

Here are a few pictures from Thursday and Friday of last week.


We finished talking about dividing 1 whole into thirds and fourths.



I showed students shapes with a part shaded in. They practice writing the fraction that was shaded.


In small groups, we finished our fraction books. Students had the chance to cut apart a whole into halves, thirds, and fourths.



We worked on nk and ng endings. I gave students a word and they had to decide what column it belonged in. We then read through the words together.


We continued learning about poetry. Students worked on the planning, rough draft, and editing of their list poem.


During reading groups students continued working on words. When we work on a word I writing the word on my dry erase board, have the students say the word then I secretly erase a letter. The students need to be able to tell me what letter is missing. I then have then write the word on their table with their finger. Then the students write the word on their dry erase board. The last thing is to have the students build the word with letter tiles.

The students also worked on nk and ng endings in their literacy notebook.


On Friday, I sent home a folder filled with assessments I gave the students before break. I also included the report cards. Please look over these and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. We will also be able to talk about it at our February conferences.


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