Artists in the Mist


Today we learned about halves. The students found that when you divide a whole into two equal parts, the parts are named halves.



We made fraction books today in math groups. The top of the book shows one whole. On the next page the students cut down the middle to make two equal parts. We labeled these as 1/2.


This year Reeder has an artist in residency. Every student in the school will have the chance to make some fused glass. They will make one piece to keep and one to put towards a school mural to be displayed in the stairwell closest to the gyms. The mural will be presented at Spring into Art Night. The students glued together opaque and transparent pieces of glass. The artist, Carrie, will take these pieces and heat them in the kiln.


During small group reading we worked on the word every. We also worked on asking vs. telling sentences. I gave the students sentences to read and decide is it was a telling or asking sentence.


For art this afternoon we started working on drawing snowmen from a different point of view. I showed the  students the cover of the book, Snowzilla and then we discussed point of view. The students started drawing the snowmen and they will paint tomorrow. Pictured is an example of what it will look at.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.53.19 PM


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