Lucky Duck

This week our reading story is about a duck. With the first week back I knew I would need a good management system in place. I have been randomly picking students during each activity and keeping that student a secret. If the lucky duck makes good choices during that activity then I will announce that they were the lucky duck and then they get a ticket for the class store. If the student was not making a good choice then I keep the name to myself and say they weren’t a lucky duck.


Place value is something that is very important for students to understand and is also a difficult concept for many. We will be continuing to practice this skill throughout the year. For our math journals I had the students write the standard form and expanded form of each number.


During whole group math, the students started learning about equal and not equal parts. I gave them three different pieces of paper and asked them to fold them diagonally, vertically, and horizontally. They then decided if the parts were the same or not.


For writing we looked at the differences between poems and narratives. The students figured out that poems can be short, repetitive, and don’t have to be written in complete sentences. Then they worked on the “Learn About the Author” page.


During reading small groups students worked on the word of the day, sure. This is a new word work strategy that I learned in a school wide book study with the other teachers. I was excited to try it out with my new letter tiles. Teachers get excited about weird things like letter tiles!! The students also worked on finding the plot of the story using SWBS. This stands for Somebody Wanted But So. This is a strategy you can use with you kids at home after they read a story.


During phonics, the students worked on compound words. They combined two words to make a new word with a different meaning. Then they used the word in a sentence.


The kids earned their last puzzle piece towards the class incentive today. They came up with three rewards they would like and then voted on it as a class. They voted on having a pajama party. I will send notes home to let you know when the pajama party will be.


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