Welcome Back!

Coming back from a long break is never easy for anybody, but man did these kids sure rock it. I don’t know, maybe they were still sleeping when they got to school 🙂


We spent our whole group math time reviewing information the students learned before break. Props to them for remembering it!

We then spent our small group time playing a place value game. Th students worked on telling the difference between the tens place and ones place.


Here are some students working on some challenge math problems. It’s always rewarding to see the students’ minds ticking.


We started working on poetry during writing. We will continue to work on this type of writing for the next couple of weeks. We started an anchor chart today that we will continue to add to as we learn more.


During phonics we learned about compound words. This is when two words are put together to make a new word with a new meaning. The students had fun coming up with compound words of their own.


During grammar we learned about the subject-verb agreement in a sentence. They have to work together in order for a sentence to work.


During science, we continued to learn about air. The students investigated what happens when you push air into a small space. We talked about the words compress and pressure.


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