Magnificent Monday


Our class will be going to the Holiday Shop tomorrow. Please send money in the envelope provided in the Friday folders.

Tomorrow is our gingerbread house day. You can start arriving at 1:15 to check in at the office, but the doors to the gym will not open until 1:30. This will give the students and teachers time to get ready in the gym.


Cade the Elf came yesterday to tell the class they will be working towards a pancake party. When I see students making good choices I will hand them a good job note. If they get a note then I will color in a cube. If they fill them all up by next Friday then they will get a pancake party.


We started chapter 5 in math today which is all about shapes.


We started learning about verbs in grammar. First the students gave me some ideas of action words and I wrote them on the poster. Then I handed them cards that either had a verb or a noun on it. They had to decide if their word was a verb and if it was they glued it on the poster.


For phonics we learned about the different sounds the letter y can make.


We read There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell for the 12 Books of Christmas. Then the students sequenced the story with pictures.


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