First Spirit Wear Friday Tomorrow

Our first Reeder spirit wear is tomorrow. You can either wear a Reeder shirt or shorts. Or you can have 50% of your outfit as purple or green.


Book orders were sent home last night. Please order by November 20th using our class code.

IMG_7451 IMG_7452

Our lesson today in math was Choosing an Operation. We reviewed the math problem strategies we learned earlier in the year.

  1. Read the problem
  2. Circle the numbers
  3. Underline the key words
  4. Solve the problem

Then we solved some math problems together.


We practiced adding doubles in small groups.


During writing we read 4 different pieces of writing and rated them. The students decided in order to have a 4 story then they needed to have a lot of details in the picture and words. They also needed an introduction and conclusion sentence.


During whole group reading, the students listened to the story, Who Works Here? and then we discussed the comprehension questions together.

IMG_7456 IMG_7457 IMG_7458 IMG_7459

In reading small groups the students practiced writing their priority words that they missed on the last test. Please continue working on these with the kids at home. They will be tested again in December. We also worked on long i words.


During phonics I taught the students three new digraph sounds. The sounds they learned were ch, wh, and tch.


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