Terrific Tuesday


For our math journal the students made a fact family house. They chose 3 numbers to “live” in their fact family and then wrote two addition sentences and two subtraction sentences.

IMG_7435 IMG_7437

During our math small groups, we made a milk and cookies fact family craft. The students are getting really good at this.


During writing I taught the students how to use their word book. If they have a word they don’t know how to spell then they can look in their word book. If the word is not in their word book then I will help them write it in their book.


The students learned about Author’s Purpose today. I read three different books and had the students decide why the author wanted to write the books.

IMG_7440 IMG_7441 IMG_7442

During reading small groups we worked on words that have the long i sound in them. We also continued our work on author’s purpose.


During phonics we continued to read words with long i.


During grammar we continued to work on writing names with special titles.


During science the students learned about solids, liquids, and gas.


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