Piggie Pie


Today for math the skill was writing a number sentence. We started math with our math journal to practice writing number sentences. The students have this skill down pretty good.


We practiced solving number sentences in math groups with counters.


We finished our art from yesterday by adding a tree and bat silhouette.They turned out awesome!

IMG_7357 IMG_7359

Since we read the story, The Farmer in the Hat, I had the students research farm animals. After they researched the animals they presented the facts they found.

IMG_7360 IMG_7361

I got to read my favorite Halloween book to the kids today. Piggie Pie is such a funny book about a witch wanting to make Piggie Pie for dinner. She goes to Old Mcdonald’s farm to find 8 plump piggies, but gets tricked by the pigs. After we read the book the kids brainstormed what would happen if a witch came to their school and lost their broom. After they brainstormed they filled out a graphic organizer and then wrote their final copy. I worked on this with them in their small reading groups.


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