We survived the paint!

IMG_7342 IMG_7343

I am slowly introducing related facts to the students. This is a concept that some students have a hard time grasping. It’s a strategy where you use an addition fact to help solve a subtraction fact. We will be working more on this tomorrow and next week.


In small groups, we worked on using doubles addition facts to solve subtraction facts. The students found out that the sum becomes the beginning number for the subtraction problem.

IMG_7346 IMG_7347 IMG_7348 IMG_7349

This writing activity was a fun one. The students got to decide what Mrs. Roberts should be for Halloween. I loved the creative ideas they came up with.


I will be honest in saying I was pretty nervous today to break out the paint. With the full moon falling on Halloween week, the students have not been themselves. However, the students did such a fantastic job with following directions during this activity. I was very impressed. I gave them three colors of paint; blue, white, and black. They blended the colors to make different shades. We finished the painting part today and will move on to the last part tomorrow. I will post some finished products tomorrow. We made it all the way through without any spilled paint plates or water cups. Yes!

If you did not send a paint shirt with your child at the beginning of the year, please do so when you can. We will be painting again and I would like to avoid getting paint on clothes.


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