Full Moon Monday

IMG_7320 IMG_7323

Today we started on chapter 4 which is all about subtraction strategies. I taught the students two strategies today which was counting back on a number line and using your fingers. I set up a number line on the floor that the could use to jump backwards. They figured out that the numbers get smaller when they count back.


In small group math, the students solved some math stories using their new learned strategies.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.03.11 PMIMG_7322

During writing time today I started off by reading the new book by R.L. Stine, The Little Shop of Monsters. It takes the kids through a monster shop and describes all kinds of monsters they can buy. Then the students brainstormed what monsters can do, like, and have. The final step was to have the students come up with a story about their monster. We will finish these up tomorrow.


During small reading groups the students read a story at their level and then discussed some cause and effects from the story.


We finished up learning all the short vowel sounds, so we are moving on to long vowels. The first one we will learn about is the long a.


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