Boo Bash!

If you are able to make it to the Boo Bash tonight, I hope you all have fun! Thank you so much to our PTO for setting up such a great event for our kids. Have a great weekend. Hopefully those dang Huskers can get us another win!


The students took quite a few tests today. Their chapter 3 math test was one of the many. They also took their spelling and reading tests. I haven’t finished grading them, but from what I saw so far there are a lot of great scores!


During math small groups the students continued to work on addition facts. They will move on to subtraction facts next week.

IMG_7311 IMG_7312

During reading small groups the students reviewed some blend sounds and practiced their sh/th sounds. They also came up with some common nouns to put in their notebooks.


During whole group phonics we worked on the all sound. The students realized that when the all sound is in the middle of the word it is spelled al. When it is at the end of the word it is spelled all. They ended phonics by finding some of the sh/th words in a pumpkin word search.


For whole group grammar the students did a noun sort with Halloween pictures.


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