Terrific Tuesday

IMG_7282 (1)

The students made their own addition story today in their math journals. Some of them decided to make doubles facts to use our new strategy.

IMG_7283 (1) IMG_7284 (1)

During whole group math the students used their doubles strategy from yesterday to help them with their new strategy, doubles plus 1. They learned that all doubles plus 1 facts are odd.


They played a doubles game during stations.


For whole group reading we reviewed what the main idea and details are of a story. The main idea is what the story is mostly about. The details tell more about the main idea. Then we talked about the main idea and details of A Big Fish for Max.

IMG_7286 IMG_7287

During reading small groups we worked on writing words with sh in them. I had the students use sound boxes to show that sh is one sound even though it is two letters. We also worked on main idea and details with this worksheet. There were three details already provided and the students needed to figure out the main idea and one more detail.

IMG_7289 IMG_7290 IMG_7291

During phonics I split the students up into groups. Each group did a different activity dealing with the digraphs th and sh. One group unscrambled words and wrote them. Another group sorted out th/sh words into Halloween cups. The last group played a game of “I have who has.”


The students went on a noun hunt during grammar. I placed noun cards around the room. They walked around finding the nouns and sorting them into people, places, and things.


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