Pumpkin Palooza

So I was going through the students folders today thinking, “Really, no one brought snack and chats back today?” Then I realized I have to send them home to get them back! Dumb moment of the day 🙂 I will send them home tomorrow since we won’t have one this week with the short week. Sorry about that 🙂


Harper was our Husker prediction winner this week.


For the math journal students tried out their number line strategy to solve addition problems.


I decided to do the independent page with the students today, so we didn’t have time for stations. When we got done with the independent worksheet I had them work on number bonds by themselves.

IMG_7211 IMG_7212

Students are starting to finish up their first book. Some of them got to make a cover today.


We read a story called “How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin.” We learned that the darker the orange color, the longer it was on the vine and therefore more seeds inside. We also learned that for every line on the outside of the pumpkin there is a line of seeds inside. Based on these facts the students made an estimate of how many seeds would be inside of our class pumpkin.


While I cut open the pumpkin and pulled out the seeds, the students learned how to draw a witch with Art Hub for Kids. A great art sight that the kids love. They can use this website at home to draw more things.

IMG_7215 IMG_7217 IMG_7218 IMG_7219 IMG_7220 IMG_7221

The students then got in groups to count the seeds. They decided putting the seeds into groups of 10 would be the best. We found out our pumpkin had 477 seeds in it! Addy was the prediction winner.


We passed around the class pumpkin so the students could describe the outside. They also described the inside. I wrote up the descriptive words they came up with on the anchor chart.

IMG_7226 IMG_7227

We finished that activity with a craft to show what’s inside of a pumpkin.

IMG_7228 IMG_7229 IMG_7231

To end the day we did some pumpkin investigation with our pumpkins. The students drew what their pumpkin looked like, described it, and measured it.

Notes from the office:

–Picture Retake Day will be the morning of Tuesday, October 20th.

  • If your child needs retakes (they had their picture taken, but you would like them retaken), please have your child bring the original picture package to school with them.  This is what they will turn in to the photographer, so that they know which package to reorder.
  • If your child needs their picture taken for the first time (they were unable to have their picture taken at Destination Reeder), please have them bring in their picture order form.  If you do not wish to order pictures, but your child needs their picture taken for the yearbook, please notify your child’s teacher.
  • If you did not get a picture envelope, or have misplaced yours, we have extras in the office.

–During all school events both during and after school, and for all parent volunteers and visitors, there is no parking in the fire lane at any time.


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