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The students used the addition strategies they’ve been learning for their math journal today. They sorted the addition problems into groups based on their sum.


We continued to work on counting on in small groups. We played a game called, Fish out of Water. I’m very impressed with how quick they are catching on to the addition facts.


We are getting towards the end of our first book in writer’s workshop. We talked about the heart of the story today. The students wrote about how they felt when their story was happening. This is getting the students to think about writing a conclusion. I’m so exited to hear all of their books when they are finished.

IMG_7121  IMG_7123 IMG_7124

My favorite part of the day was the mini research project the students did. I was originally going to just have a group discussion about what they know about each animal, but then I saw this as a great opportunity to get the students researching. We are reading the story, Animal Park, this week. It is a photo essay about African animals in a safari. I grouped up the kids and had them research one of the animals from the book. They wrote down 5 facts they learned and then presented them to the class. All I did was write the facts down, and they did the rest. Ask your child about what they learned.


The students got to preview the book fair today. They wrote down some books they were interested in and that went home today.


With a short week next week, we will not be doing a reading story. Only two days means the perfect time for some pumpkin learning! If there is one thing I love more about Fall than Huskers, it’s pumpkins! I am asking that each student brings in a mini pumpkin to class on Monday. We will be using these pumpkins for some science. If you are able to donate anything to our pumpkin tasting I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


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