Tomorrow is our last day for the coin challenge and we are ending it with dollars. Mrs. Lee’s class has won the coin challenge every day this week so the kids are determined to beat her 🙂 I am so impressed with the amount that the students have brought in so far. $65 in quarters and a random nickel today. I can’t believe it!


The students worked on an addition math story today for their math journal. I will love to look back at these journals throughout the year and see how their math skills have grown. I can already see growth now in October.


We took a math quiz today over the subtraction piece we have been learning. The students with all problems correct will bring their quiz home tomorrow. If they missed any, I will be working on those problems with them individually to make sure they understand the concept.


During math groups, we continued to work on story problems and choosing an operation. I get so excited to see the students using the strategies I taught them. I saw so many students circling the numbers, underlining the key words, and drawing pictures to solve their problems. It’s the little things!


I taught the students to use their story hand today in writing. The pages in their books should include the characters, setting, and three details. Each of the students will be receiving a story hand to keep as a resource in their writing folder.


We continued to work on real and make believe (realism vs. fantasy) during whole group reading. The students did a picture sort from the story The Little Red Riding Hood. They also made a craft to go along with it.

IMG_6986IMG_6985  IMG_6987

For reading small groups we spent the whole time working on blends (two letters put together to make one sound) The students added some of these blends to their literacy notebook.

IMG_6989 IMG_6990 IMG_6991

One of the phonics skills this week is short e. We crafted a red headed hen and labeled the eggs with short e words.

***** REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR REEDER GEAR TOMORROW!! The classroom with the highest number of students with Reeder gear will win a prize.


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