The Mouse and the Motorcycle


Wow! You are all so amazing! The students brought in $50.70 today in dimes. We are going to be able to get so many books for the classroom. Tomorrow is quarters for the coin challenge.


We learned about choosing an operation during math today. The students came up with all the key words they can find in addition and subtraction problems. I also gave them 4 strategies to use when solving a word problem.


We used the 4 word problem solving strategies during math groups. The students solved two word problems by themselves.


We took our priority spelling test today for the second time. I am super excited to see how much the students have improved! I will be giving these to you at conferences.


For whole group reading we listened to the story, Get the Egg! We then discussed the story by answering the trifold questions. We worked on skills like realism vs. fantasy and character/setting.


During reading small groups we worked on the parts of a story. The students were given three picture cards to put in order from beginning, middle and end. They then wrote a story to match the pictures.

IMG_6970 IMG_6973IMG_6975

We had our One Book One School Assembly today. The book we are reading this year is The Mouse and the Motorcycle. Mrs. Whis was awesome acting as the mouse. The students will have the chance to buy the book, answer trivia questions, and enter themselves into a contest. The PTO moms also let us know that this year we are starting a spirit wear contest. The classroom with the most students wearing Reeder wear and colors on Fridays will win the Reeder trophy for the week. Starting this Friday, wear your Reeder gear!! Go Mrs. Robinson’s class!


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