Pajama Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is our One Book One School Assembly. Staff and students are invited to wear their pjs to kick it off.


Students worked on writing an addition sentence today to match their marbles.


During whole group math, students worked on writing number sentences both vertically and horizontally. IMG_6941

We then played a subtraction game during small groups. The students moved some tiles into a ‘recycle’ bin and the others that were left was the answer.


Students continued to work on their book. I had them just focus on making the first page really great and we will move onto the next page tomorrow.


We listened to The Little Red Riding Hood and then discussed things that were real and make believe in the story.  IMG_6952 IMG_6953

Students continued to work on short e words and realism vs fantasy in reading groups.


During phonics, we played an “I have, Who has” game. The students all had cards with short e words on them. One student stands up and says, “I have men, who has bed?” The person with bed stands up and it goes around the room. The students did a great job of reading the words.

IMG_6958 IMG_6959

During grammar, we continued to work on telling sentences. I put 6 pictures around the room. The students walked around and wrote a telling sentence to match 4 pictures.

IMG_6960 IMG_6961

We continued learning about the food chain in science. Have your child tell you about the food chain we read about today. It starts with the sun.


I sent home the October volunteer calendar tonight. If you would like to volunteer and I didn’t sign you up please let me know.


Tomorrow is the last day to turn in spirit wear forms.


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