Supermoon Monday

Werewolves are not the only things affected by a full moon! All teachers know when something different is going on with the moon. Just walk into a classroom and listen to the students 🙂


Graham was our Husker prediction winner.


We took our spelling pretest this morning. The words have short e and beginning blends in them. IMG_6927

We worked on subtraction with zero today. The students should understand that when you take everything away from a number you have zero left. When you take nothing away from a number you have the same amount as when you started. IMG_6928

During writing we read a story called Big Mama’s by Donald Crews. We talked about what the author did well on. He wrote about something that was really important to him and gave a lot of details. We started on making our own books. I want students to start planning out their writing before just jumping in.


We read our story of the week, Get the Egg! This is a realistic fiction story about two children helping a bird who’s egg fell out of it’s nest.

IMG_6930 IMG_6932

During reading groups the students practiced writing words with short e. We also revisited realism vs. fantasy this week. Depending on time, the students either wrote about realistic and fantasy events in their book or discussed it.  IMG_6936IMG_6933

We are working on telling sentences in grammar this week. I divided students into groups to work on writing a telling sentence. When they were finished, they read their sentence to the class.


Students learned some vocabulary that goes along with the food chain.


Thank you so much to those who brought in pennies. We collected $3.27 today. Tomorrow the challenge is nickels.


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