Fantastic Friday

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I will be spending the day in an airport, making my way back from Portland. This is a beautiful city.


The students are starting to do subtraction. For whatever reason this is a tricky thing for some kids to pick up on. We will need to practice a lot with this.


For math small groups we continued to work on subtracting. The students needed to remember that when subtracting the bigger number always comes first.

IMG_6895 IMG_6896

Some of the students brought home writing packets on Friday. I will get the rest of them sent home on Monday. We finished up our first writing unit and will be moving on to our second one. I kept one piece that they published and sent home the rest. It will be fun to see their progression throughout the year.


For reading small groups we worked on comprehension and writing our high frequency words. When students are writing I will expect the high frequency words to be spelled correctly.


For grammar we did another sentence scramble. The students will complete sentences received a stamp and a ticket. There were a lot more students writing complete sentences this time around.


You should have seen a yellow paper like this come home in the Friday folders. We are trying to do online conference scheduling this year. We will also be moving to 15 minute conferences. Please sign up for a time online and fill this paper out. The conference time is completely yours and I would like to make the most of your time. I’m interested to know how you would like to spend your time.


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