It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

We tried out our Reeder rain dismissal today for the first time. Students did a great job being flexible and listening to directions. Teachers will be working on making this as smooth as possible for next time.


There was a reminder sent home today for the field trip tomorrow. Students will be eating lunch in our room in order to not have to switch lunch times with another grade level. Please have them bring a sack lunch. We will be going to The Rose to see Pete the Cat.


We took a math quiz today. Students who got all of the problems correct will receive their quiz tomorrow. I will work with the other students on the problems they missed to make sure they understand the concepts.


The students are getting closer to publishing their first writing piece. They are working on making their writing clear to the reader and adding details. During today’s sharing time the students did a great job of asking questions to help the writer’s add details.

IMG_6870 IMG_6871

This week we read about about a fox and her kit. During whole group reading time today, we watched a video about real foxes. After the video, the students came up with things that foxes can do, what they have, and what they are. I was amazed with all the information they learned and were able to tell me .

IMG_6872 IMG_6873 IMG_6874

During small groups we worked on final sounds of words. We also worked on creating a story to go along with a setting. Each student was given a picture showing a setting.

*** Students learned about responsibility during family groups today. Adults in the building will be looking for students who are demonstrating responsibility. We will be giving out Character Cards to those we see.


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