The germs are already making an appearance in our classroom. I had 6 students absent today. Four of the 6 were sick. I talked with the students about using hand sanitizer and washing their hands after sneezing and coughing. We also wipe down our tables every day with Clorox wipes. Hopefully we can keep the colds down to a minimum this year.


Regan was our Husker prediction winner. My goodness what a crazy game! I watched it all the way through, but my parents and sister both turned it off from frustration before they came back. Anyone else feel some strong opinions towards that game?!


For whole group math we worked on vertical addition. Students need to know that there are certain things a number sentence must have. A number sentence needs addends, a plus sign, an equals sign, and a sum. The equals looks differently when written vertically.


In small group math, students continued working on vertical addition sentences. By the end of math, all students were writing the vertical sentences correctly.


During writing, students continued to work on zooming in on their writing. After the try it out time, students practiced sharing with their writing partners. They are working on sharing noticings and asking questions.


We started our new story for the week, A Fox and a Kit. This is a nonfiction story about a mom fox and her baby fox. We are working on main idea and details this week as our comprehension skill. We read the story and discussed what we read as a group.


During reading small groups we worked on main idea and details. The students read a nonfiction story, found the main idea (what the story is mostly about) and details (give more information about the main idea). IMG_6858

During phonics students worked in groups to make words with inflected endings. The inflected ending we worked on was -s. The s ending tells us that it is happening right now. For example, the word eats or sits. The sentence, “She sits quietly.” tells us the girl is sitting right now.


For grammar we worked on word order in a sentence. I wrote a couple mixed up sentences on the poster and students unscrambled them for me. We also took this time to review subjects and predicates. Then the students unscrambled a sentence on their own. I was looking for students who remembered to write a complete sentence.


September family projects are due next week. If you need another copy please let me know.


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