Lollipop Lollipop!


Being good at math isn’t just about being able to recite a bunch of math facts. It is important the students can explain why different things happen in math. It’s not enough to just know 2+3=5. I’m looking for students to be able to explain how they knew 2+3=5. Through math journal entries, the students are getting the chance to explain their knowledge.


For whole group math the students got together to practice their math facts. The group rolled two dice, found the sum, and wrote the number sentence.


In math small groups, I taught the students how to play the game BUMP. It was another game to help students find the sum. Ask your kiddos if they know what the word sum means. They should be able to tell you that it is the answer to an addition problem. Through games like BUMP students are having fun while learning their math facts.


Your child may have come home tonight saying that there was a lockdown in the school. The school practiced a lockout and a lockdown drill. The students were in music at the time, but the school as a whole did a great job.


To get ready for our reading test, we answered some questions about The Big Blue Ox. Some skills we covered were character/setting, realism vs. fantasy, and visualizing.

IMG_6811 IMG_6812

During reading small groups, we worked on writing short o words and plurals.


During phonics we made a short o Lollipop. I dictated words and the students sounded them out on their lollipop.


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