Busy Busy Busy

During math we took our first chapter test. We did some review before the test which gave the students time to ask any questions they had. It also gave me the chance to see who understood the directions before I gave the graded questions. These will come home tomorrow. If your child comes home with a missed problem, one idea is to have them redo the problem. Or you can have them explain how they would fix it.



For writing we continued working on zooming in on a writing piece. I am trying to get the students away from writing “I love stories” and start writing stories that have happened to them.


In whole group reading we reviewed what a character of a story is. We also talked about what the setting of a story is.

IMG_6788 IMG_6789

In small reading groups we did a character/setting sort. I then had the students pick one character and one setting and write a complete sentence.


During grammar we talked more about what a subject and predicate is. The students then took parts of sentences and put them together to make a complete sentence.



Class Code is: MBC43


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