Back to a Routine

Now that we are done with our week of apples we are back onto a normal schedule.


Ella was our Husker prediction winner for the South Alabama game. Go Big Red!


We are back onto a spelling list this week. The students move onto list B if they miss 2 or less from numbers 1-10 on their pretest. If they miss 11 and 12 they can still move onto list B because those are the same on each list.


For math we worked more on patterns. The students made a pattern on a scratch paper, but left one spot blank. They gave their pattern to a partner and the partner had to fill in the missing spot.


Then in small groups students used pattern blocks to make a pattern. Their partner needed to tell the pattern unit and then close their eyes while their partner took away one block. The partner with their eyes closed had to figure out which block was missing.


We started our family projects this month. Each month there will be a new family project sent home. Families have the entire month to finish it. Students will share their project with the class. If you need another copy please let me know.


In reading small groups, each group read a story and then discussed the characters and setting.


In phonics we discussed the short o sound. You will see short o words on your child’s spelling list.


In grammar, we discussed predicates. Predicates tell what the subject does or is. We finished our anchor chart from two weeks again. We had subjects already on the poster and added predicates today.

IMG_6782 IMG_6783

In science we discussed the life cycle of a frog. We watched a brainpop and read about the life cycle. Then the students told me the life cycle so that I could make it into an anchor chart.


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