When Pigs Fly

I really can’t think of anything better than September. It’s the beginning of football, pumpkin flavored everything, and scarves. Here’s to a great month!


For whole group math we worked on 1 and 2 fewer. A group of students made a line in the front of the room and we learned we could find out fewer than by taking away.


In math small groups we played a 1 less math game which will be added to math bins. IMG_6463

In writing we learned about another tool we can use from our writer’s toolbox. The students were all given an ABC chart to use when spelling out hard words.


During whole group reading we listened to the story, Pig in a Wig. Then we filled out some questions qhich focused on summarizing, characters, and realism vs. fantasy.

IMG_6468 IMG_6470 IMG_6471 IMG_6472

During reading small groups we worked on short i words and writing sentences. The students started off in my group by doing a roll, read, and write activity silently while I did a one minute fluency read with one student. The students know to come back to my table and get started on the provided activity right away so that I can quickly work one on one with one student. Every student will do a one minute fluency read one a week. I am listening to see if students are understanding the phonics skill from the week and if they are using strategies taught previously.

IMG_6473 IMG_6474 IMG_6475 IMG_6476 IMG_6477

For art, we drew a picture of a pig that we would find in a fantasy story. Each student got to come up with something that their pig was doing. They came up with some awesome backgrounds.


This flyer went home with the students today. Friday will be the start to Husker math. Students are encouraged to wear their Husker gear. We will be starting math off with some football activities.


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