Terrific Tuesday

I went out to eat last night and came home and crashed. Sorry I didn’t get this out earlier. Thank you to all who made my day special 🙂


The objective for the math journal yesterday was to have the students find the greatest number. IMG_6438

For math whole group we worked on adding 1 more to a group and figuring out how many there were. We talked about how a number is one more than another number. For example, 5 is 1 more than 4.


For independent work during stations students worked on counting one more.


In math small groups we continued to show 1 and 2 more than a number. We used ten frames to help us with this. IMG_6447

For whole group reading we discussed realism vs fantasy. We read two different books and found things that would really happen and things that could not really happen.

IMG_6441 IMG_6442 IMG_6443

For reading groups we worked on writing our sight words and short i words. We also worked on summarizing a story. There are 5 words the students can use to quickly summarize a story (somebody, wanted, but, so, then). IMG_6446

We read a short i decodable reader during phonics. The students put this into their reading bag and will bring it home Friday.  IMG_6448

For grammar we continued talking about the subject of a sentence. The subject is the who or what the sentence is about. We worked on finding the subjects together.

IMG_6451 IMG_6452 IMG_6453

During social studies we continued our talk about habitats. We discussed the ocean, desert, and arctic habitats. Then we started reading a habitat book.

IMG_6454 IMG_6455

There were two sheets sent home yesterday in the students’ folders. One was asking for the students to bring in an apple next Tuesday for apple week. The other one is the September family project. If you didn’t receive either of these please let me know and I will send home another copy.


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