Magnificent Monday


The students took their second spelling pretest this week. The words are words with short i and final x. You should have seen a yellow list come home tonight. We will be working on these words all week, but please study the words with your kids at home as well.


We also took a math quiz today. This was over the lessons I taught last week. These were graded and sent home tonight. If your child missed any of the problems it would be a good idea to have them fix them and understand why they missed them.


We continued to work on adding details to the setting. We started this chart to keep track of all the good ideas we find from our mentor texts.

IMG_6422 IMG_6419

The students picked a writing piece that they had previously started and figured out how to add more details to their picture.

IMG_6423  IMG_6425 IMG_6426

During our reading small groups we worked on different skills. The students each read a book and summarized the events. We also worked on finding sounds on an ABC chart.

IMG_6427 IMG_6429

For phonics we worked on the short i sound. We made an anchor chart and came up with words that had short i in them. Then we played short i bingo.


For grammar we learned about the subject of a sentence. They all came up with some who or what examples and next week we will add predicates to those subjects when we learned about what that is.


For science we finished our animal needs flip books. We also started learning about habitats. We will continue learning about the different habitats tomorrow.

**** Field trip permission forms and money are due this Thursday.


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