Thrilling Thursday

Today in math we worked on making ten. The students started off by finding ways to make ten in their math journal. IMG_6388 IMG_6390 IMG_6391

We then watched a Brainpop Jr. on how to make ten.


In math small groups I taught the students how to play a game called Monster Math. It is basically a game of memory. The matches are ways to make ten. I will be adding this game to the math bins. The kids seemed to have fun playing it. IMG_6394 IMG_6395

For writing, I read The Best Story. It was about a little girl who wants to write the best story, but doesn’t know what to write about. She thinks of all these crazy ideas, but in the end learns that the best story comes from the heart. We then all made our own heart stories. I will laminate these for the students so they can keep them in their writing folder.


For whole group reading the students took their first reading test. Half the test is on the high frequency words. The other half is comprehension questions about Sam, Come Back! You will see this come home tomorrow.

In small groups we worked on writing short a words and added these words to our reading journal.


The students got new books from the library today. Please have them bring these books back on Monday.

Tomorrow for lunch the only options will be cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza.


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