Fantastic Friday

Another great week has passed us by. I’m heading to my parent’s house tonight to celebrate my dad’s birthday and enjoy time with family. Tomorrow I will be most likely getting my butt kicked in a Crossfit Competition. I might be a little sore Monday!

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 2.14.09 PM

Please consider helping out for the carnival. See the above picture for information on how to get involved.


The kids will be coming home with a book in their take home folder tonight. We don’t have our canvas bags in yet so this is how I am doing the snack and chat until then. Please read the story with your child this weekend, answer the questions together, sign the back, and return the book on Monday.

IMG_6398 (1)

Math journal for today was about a kitten chasing 6 butterflies and then 3 more. I was looking to see which students separated the butterflies into groups.


In math small groups we used skittles to show different ways to make 8. The lesson for today was Using Objects.

IMG_6402 IMG_6403

We had our first lesson with Mrs. White, our counselor today.The students got to share one thing about themselves with the class. Then they talked about being a bucket filler not a bucket dipper.


In Literacy groups we talked about complete sentences. The students wrote some complete sentences in their journal.


For phonics we worked on the ck ending sound. We read a decodable reader and then the students highlighted ck ending words. They will be coming home with two decodable readers tonight. They can read these to you if they would like.


For grammar we continued our talk about the difference between sentences and fragments.


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