Peas and Carrots

I have a box for each day of the week sitting on my desk to hold the materials I need for the week. When I look at those boxes at the beginning of the day I sometimes find myself skeptical that we will get through it all. However, these first graders prove me wrong time and time again. They are truly a great class.


We started math off with a journal prompt. The students were to show what they know with pictures and words. It’s always interesting to see what the students come up with to show their answer. I loved how this student showed pictured in a number sentence form.


We then talked about ways to make 7. We used peas and carrots to show two groups joining to make one. The students did a great job of “turn and talk” with their partners. This gave them time to use number talk with their peers.

IMG_6367 IMG_6368 IMG_6372IMG_6369

These pictures are from our math stations. I worked with small groups to show ways to make 7. Students get to use our Ipads to play math games in technology station. They will each go to independent station and will only get to go to math bins if they are finished with their independent work.


We finished talking about what I will do and what students will do during writer’s workshop. Every day there will be a mini lesson, time to write, and sharing time.


For whole group reading the students watched a Brainpop Jr. about characters. It taught them what characters are and how to get more information about the characters. We then made a poster of what we learned from the video.


For reading groups today we read a story and talked about who the characters were. We started our literacy journal which will be a resource for the students to use throughout the year.


We continued our talk about sentences today. We did a sentence sort as a group. The objective was for students to understand the difference between a complete thought and an incomplete thought.


For science we finished up our Plants Needs activity from yesterday and started our animal needs flipbook.


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