Hump Day Got Away From Me

I’m going back looking at my pictures from the day and I realize that I only took 2! The day flew by so as I reflect I have to try and remember what we all did!

After morning work we made some cards to thank several people for giving to the Tech Fund. Thanks to them we have a lot of new technology in the building for the students to use.

IMG_6385 IMG_6386

Then we worked on making 8 and 9. We called them our rockin’ eights and nifty nines.

During whole group reading the students heard Sam, Come Back! one more time. We also answered some questions about the story including some character talk, sequencing, and fantasy vs. realism. The students will take their reading test tomorrow.

After lunch the students got to check out the book room. They will be able to check out two books from this room once a week. These books will remain in their book bag at school.

Then students went to literacy stations. While in teacher station they worked on writing short a words and writing complete sentences.

Today was the first family group meeting. Students discussed how to show citizenship. Teachers will be on the look out for students showing citizenship and handing out character counts tickets.


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