And We’re Off!

Today was the start to our curriculum. We have spent two weeks working on procedures and now it’s time to put those in place. The students will continue to practice the procedures and will be praised for following them, but they know what is expected now.


We took our first spelling pretest today. If the students missed 2 or less words from numbers 1-10 then they moved on to list B. I had the students write their words in their spelling book so that they can use the words to practice throughout the week. Please make sure you practice these words with your children so they are ready to test on Friday.


Our first lesson in math today focused on making 6. We talked about different ways we could combine numbers to make 6 total. I then had the students work in partners to find ways to make 6. One partner shook a cup of counters, dumped them on the table, and wrote the numbers. For example, 4 and 2.


The students did a great job in small groups and stations today. I was able to work well with my small group because the other students were working so well in their stations. The stations the students go to during math are technology, teacher, math bins, and independent. In my small group we continued to work on making 6.


For each chapter the students will have a math story. The students brought home their math story today. Please find some time to read the story with your child.


One of the phonics skills this week is short a. We talked about what the short a sounds like and brainstormed different words that had the short a in them.

IMG_6362 Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.29.32 PM

Our grammar skill this week is sentences. We talked about what makes a complete sentence and watched a youtube video on complete sentences. Click on the picture to have your child watch it again.

IMG_6364 IMG_6365

We ended the day by observing our bean seeds, writing down our observations, and discussing what a plant needs.


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