First Grade Happenings

I apologize I didn’t get this out last night. It was such a beautiful night I had to get outside and take a bike ride. Hope you all found some way to enjoy the weather also.


For morning work we finished our Birds of Color art from yesterday. The students did a great job mixing primary colors to make secondary colors.


The students worked on this journal prompt for math. We are working towards students being able to write their numbers in the correct way. 7 and 3 seem to trick many students.


For whole group math we worked on graphing a little bit. I pulled out a graph that my students made a few years ago and I asked the students to tell me what information they could get from the graph. They did a great job using vocabulary like most and least. We then made a graph of our own about our favorite Jolly Rancher flavor. I’m pretty sure their favorite part was getting to eat a jolly rancher afterwards.


After music we took a walk over to our bean seeds to see how they have changed. I heard a lot of great observations. “My seeds are bumpy!” “My seeds are bigger!” “My seeds are cracking!” We added our observations to our plant journal.  IMG_6275 IMG_6276 IMG_6277 IMG_6278 IMG_6279

We had a great Writer’s Workshop. The lesson was about building our writing muscles and having stamina while we write. I saw so many great things from students. Some were thinking really hard about what to write, others were adding to their pictures, and others were adding words to their story. At the end of every writing session we have sharing time where one person gets to share what they worked on that day. I am modeling to the students how to talking about what they notice and ask questions. IMG_6273

If you haven’t sent in the All About Me page please do that as soon as possible. We will be sharing those in class and then making a class book out of them. There was a white cardstock sent home last week. If you need a new one please let me know.


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