Rain, Rain, Go Away

Well this is some yucky weather we are having! I know the students and the teachers are ready for the sunshine to come out so the students can go run and play. Thank you to those parents who were able to come to curriculum night. If you ever have any questions or concerns please let me know.


For our math journal today, I gave the students a number and they were to write a number smaller and bigger than that number.


We also took our first timed test today. I had the students practice on one side first and then do the real test on the other side. We will take this test periodically to see how the students are progressing. They did a great job of working hard the entire time. IMG_6258

Today was our second day of writer’s workshop. We continued talking about how writing is just telling on paper. The students were asked to pick a topic, think of the picture in their mind, draw the picture on their paper, and then add words.  IMG_6259 IMG_6260

We made it to 3 minutes and 22 seconds today in our read to self challenge. We are working towards 15 minutes by the end of the week.


We continued our Kevin Henkes author study today with the book, Chester’s Way. We learned that everyone has a different way of doing things.


In our Life Science unit we planted some bean seeds. We will be keeping track of our observations for the next ten days in our plant journals.

***The last day to order school spirit wear is August 20th.


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