Jackets in August ?!

Today was surprisingly a chilly one. I am completely guilty of not wearing a jacket this morning and freezing my butt off in my car to work. This weather is getting me excited for football season though!


Today we worked on making patterns in math.  I had a few students come to the front and I gave them some shapes. They were to get themselves into a pattern. Then the other students tried to figure out what pattern they made. We then worked on extending the pattern by having students come up and picked the next shape. We also continued to practice our math stations. Math bins were a hit.


During writing we learned about telling a story not just naming parts. We looked at Tomie Depaola’s book, Pancakes for Breakfast to get some ideas on how to tell a story. We also added dot stickers to our writing folders. Green side is for writing we still need to work on and red side is done. We will start practicing organizing our writing. IMG_6267

We made it to 4 minutes and 49 seconds in our read to self challenge today. We also continued to practice our literacy stations. The students got to try out the writing station today and used QR codes with their Ipads. IMG_6268

For art, we learned about primary and secondary colors. We started off with a Brainpop Jr. to learn about mixing colors to make new ones. Then we drew some birds with details. We didn’t quite get to the painting, which we will do tomorrow. I love what the kids came up with. Their personalities really shined through.


Kids came home with reminder cards tonight. Please return your library books tomorrow.


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