We know our procedures

Last week we spent a lot of time learning the procedures of being a first grader. The students did a great job remembering those procedures and using them today. This week the students will be learning the procedures of our curriculum and learning.


At the start of math time we will be doing a math journal. Students will show what they know and talk about their math knowledge. This will give the students an opportunity to have math talk. Today the students were to pick a number 0-10 and show ways to make that number.


We then discussed what our math workshop will look like, sound like and what our jobs are. IMG_6251

We started Writing Workshop today. Our routine will be a mini lesson, writing time, and sharing time. Today students were to think of a story, picture it in their mind, and write it on their paper.

IMG_6252 IMG_6254

This week we are studying the author Kevin Henkes. The students knew many of his books. We started out the author study by watching a video about him. We then read the story Chrysanthemum and did a craft to practice our literacy station expectations.


To end the day we started our Life Science Unit. We discussed living and nonliving things. Students asked themselves 4 questions about living things to do a living and nonliving picture sort.

*** Remember to come to Curriculum Night tomorrow night at 6:15.


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