What a week we have had! I am completely in love with my class. They did such a great job, but man am I tired 🙂 I’m now off to small town Belden, NE for a 125th anniversary. My mom grew up there with her family of 9 brothers and sisters. We are having a big reunion and I can’t wait to see everyone. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


The kids needed a reminder from Kindergarten about squealing vs. reporting. We read the story, Don’t Squeal Unless it’s a Big Deal. Then we talked about Kid Sized Problems and Big Deal Problems. I now can use this language with the kids in case they start a tattle.

IMG_6158 IMG_6160

We then read a book called, No, David! It is about a little boy who doesn’t follow the class rules. We discussed what it would be like to have a boy like David in our room. Then we came up with what a Yes David would do. The craft that went along with it was so fun to make. They also each wrote 3 rules to follow in first grade.


We did our second read to self challenge today. We bet our time from yesterday by a little bit. We are going to work towards at least 2 minutes on Monday. Pictured above are the new Read to Self King and Queen.


Today was our first Friday Free Time. The students who were done with their work from the week got to go to our class store and work on a fun activity.  This also gave the students time who didn’t finish their work from the week. Students can bring items from home for Friday Free time. Please no electronics. Students are responsible for the items they bring to school.


In the Friday Folder tonight you will find two things from me. One is a newsletter and the other is this note. It is a project for you to work on with your child this weekend. I will put all of these together in a binder.


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