Getting Back in the Groove

The students are really doing a great job of getting back into the routine of school. The upcoming weekend is well deserved for them after this week back. They have worked so hard and done such a fabulous job.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 9.32.31 PM


Yesterday we read the story, If you Take a Mouse to School. We made our own class book about taking a Roadrunner to Reeder Elementary. The students got to pick a place they would want to take the roadrunner. Then they wrote about what the roadrunner would do once they got there. For example, “If you take a roadrunner to the nurse, he will get a bandaid.” It was a great way to take a tour around the school and to have the kids practice walking the hallway quietly.


We took our first grade priority words spelling test today. You will see the test and a list come home next week. I will highlight the words students need to practice during the year. Knowing these words will help students become better readers and writers. We will retest this list throughout the year. If the students pass all 40 words on the first grade list then they will get to move on to the 2nd grade list.


We discussed what it means to be a real reader and a fake reader. We are practicing read to self for when we start stations next week. I then timed the students to see how long they could go without anyone turning into a fake reader. We made it to 1 minute today. We will continue to build our stamina and record how many minutes we get. I chose a Read to Self King and Queen. It was hard to choose just two. Tomorrow there will be two more king and queen.


Sight words are an important thing for beginning readers to practice. These are words that don’t necessarily go along with phonics rules. Some of them are tricky because you can’t sound them out. Knowing these words will help the students become more fluent readers. I do a sight word challenge with my students. I test each student at the beginning of the year to see what level they are at.


Today was the first day we got to go to the library. The students did a fantastic job. Library books will be due back to school on Thursday. Students can take home their library books on Thursday, but I would like them to return it by Monday. They will keep the library books in their “book” bag to use in their literacy stations.

***Please see facebook post about Curriculum Night on Tuesday, August 18th.


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