First Short Day

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Everyone remember to follow the morning procedures today! Remember to send the take home folder back in your child’s back pack every day. There is a parent contact sheet in the plastic sleeve in case you need to jot me a note. There is also a Snack and Chat card in the plastic sleeve. I will talk about this at curriculum night next Tuesday.

We finished up our All About Me booklets today. They turned out great and it was fun getting to know the kids a bit more.


The first graders have a different specials schedule than other grade levels this year. We luckily get to have all 30 minutes of specials on Wednesdays. This week we had music so next week we will have PE. ***Remember your tennis shoes.

For Wednesday art we did some name art. I first read a book called The Name Jar. It is about a little girl who moves to the United States from Korea. At first she is embarrassed of her name, but learns to love it. We talked about being proud of our names. I told them to go home and ask their parents what their names meant. I wonder if any of them asked you? Can’t wait to find out tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 9.25.57 PM

We broke out the water colors to do our art. Messy, but fun!

IMG_6127  IMG_6120

We have been practicing our procedures and doing a great job at it. The class received a compliment about how great their line looked in the hallway today! We will be filling up our class puzzle in no time!

We had our first school assembly today. Mrs. Roberts even said, “I think this might be the best behaved group of Reeder kids yet!” Of course they got a puzzle piece for that comment!


Tonight this Parent/Student Handbook came home. There should have been a pink slip inside for you to sign and send back. Please do that by Friday if possible. If you need a new pink slip, lt me know.



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