First Day of School

We were very busy today! I wouldn’t be surprised if the kiddos zonk out early tonight. I know I am! We spent a good part of the day learning procedures and practicing them a lot.

When the students came in today they designed their own helmet to describe themselves. I saw a lot of Husker helmets!


We then played a get to know you game. We rolled a ball in the middle of the carpet and when each student got the ball they said their name and their favorite food. We found out pizza was the most favorite of a lot. Before we played the game the kids came up with the carpet procedures. I was very impressed that they came up with all of them without any help from me. We practiced these a lot today.


The Kissing Hand is one of my favorite books to read on the first day of school. We talked about how being at school is different than being with mom, dad, family, or babysitter and that it might make us have different feelings and that is all okay.I then gave each kid a card with their name on it. They put it under how they were feeling today at school. I hope they were all under happy by the end of the day.

kissing hand

After recess and lunch the students had the chance to just ask any questions they had about how first grade works. They had such good questions to ask! We will continue to ask and answer questions throughout the week. Whit if

At the end of the day the students got to drink some Jitter Juice while listening to the book First Day Jitters. I love all the smiling faces here!

jitter juice

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 7.51.58 PM


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