Day 2

We started the day off by reviewing the procedures of coming into the classroom in the morning. Tomorrow we are going to see who can do it without any reminders.

  • Hang your backpack up
  • Take out any items you need to hand in
  • Put your cold lunch in the bucket
  • Sign in for lunch
  • Turn the take home folder into the tray
  • Morning Work

For morning work I had the students write their ABCs. Some of the letters were tricky and got turned around. If you notice your child has a circle around a letter it means those gave them some trouble. This would be a great thing for them to practice.

The kids found out about tickets today and I’m thinking they are pretty excited. When they make good choices and follow the rules they can earn a ticket. Every Friday they will have the chance to use those tickets to buy anything they want from the store. However, if they aren’t making the right choices they know that they could lose their tickets. So many tickets were given out today to good choice makers.

We learned about what the safe seat is today. They know that they have one warning and if they still aren’t following the goals for life then they will move to the safe seat. Any time a student is moved to the safe seat I will process with them and we will come up with a plan for how to be ok even when it’s hard.

We read the story Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon. It has a great message to be proud of who you are. Click on the below picture to watch the story being read.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 4.54.27 PM

Then we discussed what types of things we enjoy to do at school. We came up with a whole list of things. We then made a class book with what we enjoy about school.


After PE we started on an All About Me Booklet. The students worked on the cover page, what they enjoy, Their favorite food, and who’s in their family.


Every day we will do a brain break to give our minds a rest and get the blood flowing. One person will be in charge of picking the brain break every week. Today we did some sports. See the video on Facebook.

After recess we celebrated a birthday. My family sings the Beatles song to me every year on my birthday and I love it. We danced along to this song to celebrate and then enjoyed some cupcakes. See video on Facebook.

After a safety presentation from Mrs. Yandell, we worked on some math readiness. This is a little review from what the students learned in Kindergarten. I heard a lot of “This is easy!” Below is what we worked on.

R1 R6 R4 R3

At the end of the day we had our first class meeting. This is something we will do at the end of the day every day. The students will have the chance to talk about positives from their day and any concerns they may have that they want to solve.

class meetings


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