Classroom Transformation

I have wanted to have a Husker themed classroom since I started teaching. The only problem is that every year I have taught I have only had 1 week to prep my room. This summer I had so much fun revamping my room into something amazing! I can’t wait for my students to come see it. If they aren’t a Husker fan in August they are sure to be by May!

Writing Center

Each month I will change the vocabulary cards on the board. Students will have these words available for them to use in their writing. They have the option to write a book, card, story, or list. Students will keep their writing in a binder and at the end of the month I will send home their work to parents. This way parents can see the progress their children are making.

DSC_0413 DSC_0414 DSC_0415 DSC_0416

Husker Board

My husband and I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This means the start of Husker football may be a bigger holiday in our house than Christmas. Students will get to predict the game scores before each game this football season.


Birthday Board

During the first week I will take pictures of students holding the date of their birthday. The pictures will go on this board. I wish my birthday was still as exciting as it is for these kiddos!

DSC_0418 DSC_0419

Herbie Husker

Every Friday, I will be sending home Herbie Husker to one student along with a binder. Students will get to spend the weekend with Herbie. Then I ask students to either print off pictures or draw pictures and write about what they did. DSC_0420

Table groups

Each table group will have a set of jobs. The jobs include Noise Control, Floor Inspector, Organizer, and Table Leader. Tables will work together to make good choices.


Our Library

I have tons of books for second graders and hope to collect more this year that are geared towards first graders. I love when parents order books from the monthly order because I earn books for my class library.


Math Center

During math centers students will work on an individual assignment, computer based activities, math tubs, and teacher time. Each of the math tubs has a different activity and will change each week. Students will need to finish their individual assignments before going on to the math tubs. Math manipulatives will be available to students.



Art Board

Student artwork will be displayed here. We will do art every Wednesday.


Rules and Expectations

Classroom rules are the following:

– We will listen when our teacher and friends are talking to show them respect.

– We will keep our hands to ourselves so that everyone can stay safe and healthy.

– We will speak to our friends using kind words to show them respect.

– We will follow directions so that we are always ready to learn.

– We will do our best work so that we can be proud of ourselves.


Book Bags

Each student will have their own book bag. They will be allowed to pick books from the library to add to their bag. They will read these books during Read to Self time.


When I’m Done

When students are finished with their assignments and there is still time left they can go to the “When I’m done” board.

DSC_0432 DSC_0433

Word Wall

Every week we will add more words to our word wall. The words will come from our Reading Street Curriculum.

DSC_0434 DSC_0435

Literacy Board

Last year I had an objectives dry erase board where I could write what we were learning every day. I found myself running out of time or forgetting to write the objectives ahead of time. This summer I spent a good amount of time making these posters that have the objectives on them. I can simply staple them up each week and go over them with the kids as we learn the skills.


Jobs Board

Every week each student will have a new job. The jobs include things like teacher helper, line leader, and lunch count. Each student will have the chance to do every job throughout the year.


Behavior Board

As a class students will be working together to make positive choices. When I see that the class as a whole is doing a great job following the class and school rules they will earn towards their class goal. Each month the class will have a different goal. This first month students will earn a puzzle piece. When the puzzle is complete the class will vote on a reward to earn.


Bathroom Passes

When a student has to go to the bathroom they take the pass, set it on their desk, and do their business. Students know that when the pass is gone they won’t be able to go until it’s back on the wall. The clip chart is for the number of times they can go to the bathroom during class time. The students have two times they can use the bathroom besides during class bathroom breaks and recess time. When they use the bathroom they move their clip down. When it’s down to number 2 they are out of breaks (unless it’s an emergency of course).


Class Store

Students will be recognized for making positive choices on an individual basis. When I see a student is following the class and school rules they will receive a ticket. Every Friday, students will have the chance to go to our class store. Students can buy things from the store to celebrate their positive choices. Each drawer has items worth the amount shown outside the drawer. The coupons in the posters above are worth 7 tickets.



I’m so excited for my matching storage this year! The big bins are my monthly bins where I store activities by months. The other bins are full of random supplies. I took many trips to the dollar store this year to get all the bins I wanted.



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