Blast to the Past

I’m pretty sure I just said in my last post that I liked to work smarter not harder. Well I guess I’m not following that this last week. I have spent many hours on my vacation coloring. Yes, coloring.

We have plenty of supplies available to us at my school. There is a production room with any supply you could want. There is even a lady who works in there full time. You simply put in a request for copies, binding, or laminating and it’s done that week. Let’s just say I have taken advantage of this space. I have also taken advantage of the color printer. I went a little overboard last year and racked up my printing bill. Now that I’m starting a new grade level I have a ton of things I want to print out. However I feel guilty printing so much so I have resorted to coloring my copies.

It’s actually kind of relaxing. It takes me back to the days of elementary school. Who didn’t love coloring as a kid?! Sure I could be using my time better, but I figure I will have these activities for awhile, and I want them colorful for my kiddos!

Teachers tend to do many over the top, time consuming things for their students. It’s all about the kiddos! What crazy/time consuming things have you done for your students?


If you want a little blast from the past click the picture below. A little coloring adult style!

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.17.33 AM


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